Obelisks make an entrance!

Your entryway sets the stage for the rest of your home. It's the first place that your guests see when they come to visit. Even in a home without much of an entryway, create one with a few simple pieces – a console table, a mirror or artwork, and an obelisk or two!

Domaine Home Obelisks
Domaine Home

In this grand entry designed by Candace Barnes for the San Francisco Decorator Showhouse a grouping of modern obelisks anchor the left side of the console table, and look fabulous beneath the modern artwork. The whole display is masterful!

marble obelisk in graphic black and white
Found on dandyeclectic.tumblr.com

This entryway has the mix of classic and modern that I love. The console and the painting set a modern tone, while the display is made up of classic works of art, including the clean lined marble obelisk in graphic black and white.

entryway obelisk by designer Bruce Bierman
Architectural Digest

In this sleek entryway by designer Bruce Bierman, he has a great mix of graphic and classic. The red wall and the console shelf are a bold background for the 19th century painting, and the pair of rock crystal obelisks. Each decorative element pops.

An entryway tableau should be simple, but impactful. The message to your guests is one of welcome, and sets your style. An obelisk or two will always send that message!

Rock Crystal Obelisks Pair

This pair of rock crystal obelisks bridges classic and modern. They have very interesting occlusions allowing the light to catch and refract. These are the perfect entryway obelisks sitting on your table either balanced on each end or grouped to one side below a fabulous mirror or work of art. These are 17 ¾ inches tall.

Pair of Pietra Dura Marble Obelisks

This beautiful pair of pietra dura specimen marble and mother or pearl obelisks will add some color to your entryway. Imagine them against a wall painted in a bold color picking up one of the colors in the marble specimens. These are 21 3/4 inches tall.

Vintage brass neoclassical obelisks

For something a bit different, go for a metal. These vintage brass neoclassical style obelisks have handsome decorative shields on the base and obelisks on all four sides. They are very solid and heavy brass obelisks at 19 lbs each, and are 22 1/4 inches tall. I could see these in a very modern entryway, and perhaps groups with other classical objects – or even another obelisk or two in marble!

An entryway should be fun and stylish. It can be bold, even if he rest of your home décor is not. It’s a stage set for the rest of the 'show', and obelisks will add a dash of chic!