Style Your Coffee Table with Obelisks

In your living room, library or den, your sofa or chair grouping probably has a coffee table in front of it. It’s a functional piece of furniture for placing drinks or maybe leaving a magazine or two. But don’t forget to 'style' it to make it another inviting part of the space.

A coffee table is a great place for a themed grouping of objects, and will draw the eye to the center of the room. Obelisks will fit perfectly into any decorative grouping, and they don’t take up very much surface space, leaving plenty of room for those drinks and magazines!

Designer: Gil Walsh Obelisks coffee table
Designer: Gil Walsh

This coffee table includes the obligatory ‘coffee table book’, but the fun décor includes chic malachite stacked boxes, and a smart grouping of modern rock crystal obelisks of varying sizes.

Beach house design obelisks
Via Pinterest – Seaside Haven in Sag Harbor

This beach house includes all the seaside decorating elements! The theme includes framed corals on the wall, and a white shell along with the sea shell covered obelisk and matching box on the coffee table. This is certainly an example of picking a theme and sticking to it, and there’s even an obelisk that works!

marble obelisks on coffee table
Via Décor Design Review on tumblr

This room has a wonderful mix of antiques and modern. The sofa has an elegant shape and is back by a graphic screen – one of my favored design elements. The elaborate coffee table is beautifully styled with a tray, vase with flowers and a pair of marble obelisks. A wonderful thing about planning your coffee table décor is you can let your imagination wander! It’s a design statement, but can range from classic to fun to whimsical, regardless of the style of the rest of the room! Here are a few ideas for your coffee table!

italian cream obelisks

This very smart looking antique Italian cream marble obelisk has brown marble geometric insets. This is a 19th century obelisk that would have been brought home from Italy as a souvenir from a Grand Tour trip. I love the cream and brown marble combination, and the geometric shapes. It looks classic yet modern. It stands 19 inches tall.

chic marble obelisks

These are terribly chic! These neoclassical style marble obelisks have a very interesting swirling pattern of brown, black and white making these very decorative. 16 ½ inches tall. I could look at them forever!

vintage cream obelisks

These vintage cream marble obelisks have wonderful patina in the color. They are a single color, but they aren’t! There is so much interest in the marble making them very simple and decorative. These are 16 ½ inches tall. I could see than grouped with an additional obelisk, such as the cream and brown antique one at the top of this section! Very chic!

marble obelisks on coffee table

Edouard Vermuelen designed this serene room, and just notice how the pair of obelisks on the coffee table draw your eye to the center of the room – brilliant!