Featured Obelisks

Antique Grand Tour Marble & Malachite Obelisks
Antique Italian Grand Tour green malachite and black stone obelisks on triple stepped base. 23 1/2 inches tall.
Our Price: $2,750.00
Green marble obelisks with Black Balls & Accents
OnlyObelisks custom designed deep Green Guatemala marble obelisks with jet black marble ball & plinth accents. Green Guatemala marble is a rich deep green, & the jet black marble accents enhance the design. 18 3/4 inches tall.
Our Price: $965.00
Malachite Obelisks
Vintage green malachite obelisks. Color is vibrant and veining is distinctive. The plinth is faced with rectangular shields. 15 1/4 inches tall.
Our Price: $2,250.00
Antique specimen marble obelisks
Antique 19th century neoclassical style specimen marble obelisks. The obelisk is a deep green marble, and the plinths are red marble with diamond shaped shields of cream and dark green alternating on all four sides. 17 5/8 inches tall.
Our Price: $1,600.00
Italian green Alpi marble obelisk
Italian green marble Alpi obelisk with fine detailed veining. 16 3/4 inches tall.
Our Price: $465.00
Italian Deep Green Alpi Marble Obelisk
Italian deep green Alpi marble obelisk with fossil-like veining. 16 3/4 inches tall.
Our Price: $465.00
Green and white marble obelisk
Vintage green marble obelisk with white marble trim. The base is black onyx, and has bun feet. 19.25 inches tall.
Our Price: $725.00
Chinoiserie style green painted obelisk (3ft)
Tall green wood Chinoiserie style obelisk with gold painted decoration on all 4 sides. Approx. 3 feet tall (36.5 inches).
Our Price: $425.00
Green & Brown Marble Obelisks
Pair of vintage deep green marble obelisks with brown marble banding on plinth. 21 1/4 inches tall.
Our Price: $750.00
Only Obelisks specializes in decorative obelisks. Obelisks enhance any décor, from modern to classic. Take a look at our Obelisk Decorating blog for more ideas. Our obelisks range from modern to vintage to antique, and in a variety of styles (neoclassical, modern, chinoiserie…), materials (marble, metal, brass, malachite, lapis lazuli, rock crystal…) and sizes.

Only Obelisks came about as a result of our passion for obelisks, and a fascination with their variety and versatility in décor. We believe that by specializing in only obelisks we can bring you the best selection. We are always on the look out for special sources, including estates and auctions. We choose obelisks that we find interesting and often unique.

The antiques are particularly special. We love the 19th century and earlier French and Italian Grand Tour ‘souvenirs’, and the 19th century English Ashford marble inlaid obelisks, with their wonderful pietra dura technique.

The vintage obelisks have tremendous character, and the marble and brass often develop a wonderful patina over time that adds to their uniqueness.

Many decorators create groupings of obelisks in their interior design schemes, and many people find them fun to collect.

We have a generous return policy, allowing you to try out your purchase in your décor, and return it to us for any reason in the condition received. We will gladly provide additional photos, and are happy to answer any questions by email or by phone.
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