A new year, a new obelisk!

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Maybe you’re feeling a bit gloomy in January. Or maybe you just want to freshen up your décor. Try moving around a few pieces of furniture and artwork, and add an obelisk for an instant uplift!

white marble obelisk pops against blue walls

In my bedroom, I painted the walls a fresh periwinkle blue (Come Sail Away) from Behr that makes the painting and the pair of cream marble obelisks with black balls pop. The obelisks set off the painting and make me smile every time I walk in the room.

simple marble obelisk among statues
Luxe Interiors Magazine

This vignette has so many interesting shapes and objects. The statue in the middle is balanced by a collection of objects on the left, and a simple marble obelisk, books and a horse head on the right. The prints on the wall finish the scene making this a focal point in the room.

obelisks paired on an antique desk
Source: Laurel Bern Interiors

This smart room is quite masculine and warm. The walls are painted a wonderful dark taupe setting off the portraits between the windows. The antique desk below is decorated with a pair of obelisks, a small globe, and a pair of lamps.

speciman marble obelisk

My eye is drawn to the specimen marble obelisks on the right end of this console table that work so well with the Asian themed vignette. The Chinese table is topped with the antique Asian horse sculpture and the celadon bowl and all backed with a beautiful drawing on the wall.

obelisks on fireplace

In my new living room the décor is starting to come together. I started with the painting over the fireplace, and then added three pairs of obelisks. Now it’s time to fill the bookshelves! At least I have my priorities straight.

Start your new year with something special for your home. It will make you feel good when you walk in the room, and, after all, your home is your sanctuary from all the craziness outside! Add an obelisk, curl up, turn on some music, and enjoy your cup of tea!
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