Obelisk and Books Go Together

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In the digital age, we are still drawn to rooms filled with books. They draw us to the shelves to tell us something about the owners – what do they read, what books do they save to look at again, what is their taste? Some decorators will fill shelves with ‘spines’, but the bookshelves I love are filled with the books I love.

Luis Bastamante obelisk decoratingLuis Bastamante via Elle Décor

The wonderful Spanish designer, Luis Bastamante, has created a library filled with books he loves. The table at the center provides a place to take books off the shelves and peruse them before taking them away to a comfortable chair. The table is decorated with books, boxes, classical sculptures, and a Grand Tour obelisk.

Lorenzo Castillo obelisk decoratorLorenzo Castillo via Pantaleon on Pinterest

The books are reflected in the mirror above the mantel which is anchored by a pair of marble and brass obelisks. Brass works so well in rooms with books along with the warm marble. The brass lion at the center of the scheme is perfect as well!

Tokyo Jinja decorating with obelisksvia Tokyo Jinja on Pinterest

This library is in England, on the Norfolk/Suffolk border to be exact. Called Blo’ Norton Hall, it is the home of Charles and Rachel Morris. The cozy room occasionally serves as the dining room too. Multi-purpose rooms make so much sense. The table has a classic library light above and is decorated with white marble busts and a stylized obelisk.

Stephen Sills designer with obelisksStephen Sills Associates

In an all-white room designed by Stephen Sills Associates, the books and the wood add warmth to the scheme. The very smart black and white obelisks on the mantelpiece flank the classical urns filled with lavender and the small statues. When creating a decorating scheme, the varying heights of the objects adds so much interest, and obelisks can always be counted on for some height.

Bill Cook obelisk decoratorBill Cook of Vermillion Designs via Instagram

I love this monochrome sitting room designed by Bill Cook of Vermillion Designs. The bold placement of the print on top of the bookshelf is so smart looking. The white sofa with nail trim is flanked by white end tables topped with sleek black marble obelisks.

When we were looking at the house we ended up buying, I was immediately drawn to the living room with bookshelves flanking the fireplace. In my head I  was filling the shelves with books, some favorite objects and a few obelisks. It’s the perfect mix!

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