Rock Crystal Obelisks - So Chic!

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Rock crystal captivates with depth and occlusions that seem to move in the light. Rock crystal obelisks are at home in any setting and style. They have clean lines and sparkle as the day moves along.

rock crystal obelisks
Nuevo Estilo: Home of Philippe Thèlin and Thierry Gonzal

The home of Philippe Thèlin and Thierry Gonzal in Tours, France has clean lines and a wonderful mix of modern and Deco furniture. The rock crystal obelisks sitting on black marble bases enhance the Deco cabinet, and frame the art.

rock crystal obelisks
Designer: Jorge Elias

At the center of this room in an opulent New York apartment, the designer, Jorge Elias, has positioned a wonderful rock crystal obelisk. It draws your eye and sparkles in the light. It’s the perfect decoration on the coffee table in an elegant room.

pair of rock crystal obelisks
Mario Buatta, via Emily Eerdmans on Instagram

Mario Buatta could be over the top, but these chocolate brown lacquered walls bring a modernity to this New York apartment. The pair of rock crystal obelisks stand out against the brown and frame the Venetian mirror over the mantelpiece.

rock crystal obelisks
Designer: Alidad (via Instagram)

This drawing room in a London home has been given the Alidad opulent touch. The rock crystal obelisk sits on a fancy plinth, and is comfortable sharing space on the coffee table with the ceramic pugs!

rock crystal obelisks from

Rock crystal obelisks mesmerize with their clean lines, bridging the gap between classic and modern. They are just as comfortable in a Mario Buatta room as they are in the sleek modern space.
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