Make a Statement with Colossal Obelisks!

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Make a statement! - Colossal obelisks

There’s nothing quite so impactful as a massive obelisk. They’re great for making use of a corner otherwise neglected or standing sentry to an entrance.

Stanley House uses huge obelisks to decorate
Stanley House

This hallway is lined with stately obelisks. This was the home of Michael Inchbold and the obelisks were part of an estate sale at Christies.

Ashely Hicks obelisks decorating
Ashley Hicks

Ashley Hicks in many ways carries on the traditions of his father, Mark Hicks. Mark loved using obelisks in his decorating schemes. This room by Ashley benefits from a truly statement white obelisk in the corner and another red obelisk on the console table under the mirror. Love these obelisks in a contemporary design.

James Howard uses obelisks to decorate
New York Apartment of John Gutfreund

This classically designed study has a contemporary look based on classical elements. The huge rouge obelisk fills a space and serves an important design function in the room.

Louis XIV obelisks

This pair of Louis XIV-style obelisks are made of parcel-gilt and painted wood. They form a frame around the settee with the painting above. It makes for an elegant statement, and a regal place to rest.

Marvelous huge white obelisks

The decoration in this space is a combination of dark woods and white marble. Atop the table sits a carved white marble statue and urn, and in the corner sits that marvelous white obelisk.

Pair of 4 foot tall obelisks

At we have the most wonderful pair of lapis lazuli obelisks standing 3 feet 9 inches tall. They have detailed designs on the bases with beautiful pietra dura designs of flora and fauna. They stand at the entry to a small reading room and make quite the statement.

A big obelisk is an investment, but will make a design statement that will be more than worth it!
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