Obelisks Make the Art

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It may be a little audacious to say that “obelisks make the art”, but I firmly believe that surrounding art with obelisks enhances the art, draws the eye, and further frames it.

obelisks anchoring the mantelpiece and art
Via Colfax & Fowler on Instagram

Spot the obelisks on the mantelpiece! This is in the Temple of Diana, Weston Park by Janie Money. This fabulous room has art built in, but still the obelisks anchoring the mantelpiece add to the scene.

Picasso painting flanked with obelisks
Michael S. Smith – Architectural Digest

Painted obelisks flank a Picasso! In a Manhattan apartment full of fabulous art, Michael S. Smith designed the perfect showplace. Even a Picasso can be enhanced when it is flanked by a pair of obelisks on brackets.

Ashford Castle enhanced art with obelisks
Ashford Castle via Star-Telegram

Fabulous malachite obelisks top the cabinet framing a sculpture and a painting on the wall! Ashford Castle’s new owners personally oversaw the refurbishment of guest rooms, state rooms and suites, which now have custom fabric wall coverings, bespoke carpets, antique furnishings and marble bathtubs. And they added obelisks to further enhance the art!

obelisk points the eye up towards art piece
Juan Pablo Molyneux - Veranda Magazine

In Juan Pablo Molyneux’s home near Paris, the designer positioned an obelisk on the coffee table to point you towards the painting hanging above the fabulous yellow sofa. It is yet another example of how an obelisk can take your eye to where the designer wants you to look. masterful!

painting above fireplace with pair of obelisks

The modern Scottish still life painting takes pride of place above the fireplace in the bedroom. It is flanked by a pair of cream marble obelisks with black marble balls – one of my favorite styles! Also included are a pair of antique silver goblets.

Wherever you have your art, a pair of obelisks either side will make it look that much better!
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