New Year – New Look – New Obelisk!

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As the new year comes, we make all kind of resolutions that we often don’t keep. Here’s one that’s easy to keep – freshen up your décor! It’s easy because you can do it spending little or even no money by just moving some pieces around, changing up your artwork, creating a new tableau on an entry console or a coffee table, or maybe adding a new obelisk. The change will make you feel good!

Tim Corrigan mantel decorated with obelisks
Timothy Corrigan on Instagram

Again and again, Timothy Corrigan shows us how obelisks can add interest to a room. Here he decorates a coffee table with some handsome red marble obelisks along with a mix of other fun objects. You’d want to pick them up as you stared at the fire. Your eye is taken up to the mantelpiece with the wonderful painting and a pair of striped marble obelisks. All very chic!

Jonathan Alder mirrored obelisks
Jonathan Adler on Instagram

Jonathan Adler is a master of an updated mid-century look. The fabulous dresser is topped with a lamp, a vase, and a glitzy mirrored obelisk. Not sure I could handle the eye staring at me while I’m in bed!

trio of classical obelisks

What looks like a simply slipcovered sofa has a side table with a very interesting lamp, a small bust on its side, and a trio of obelisks of varying sizes. Obelisks make almost the perfect side table decoration since they take up little room, but look chic.

Timothy Corrigan obelisks
Timothy Corrigan on Instagram

This console table is a master class in decoration. It has books, lamps, busts, a mounted ostrich egg, a classical architectural piece, artwork, and an obelisk. This design could serve as an inspiration for you to take an ordinary table and create a wonderful tableau of your own.

Timothy Corrigan obelisks
Timothy Corrigan

This is a very handsome gentleman’s library designed by Timothy Corrigan. I love many of its elements, but particularly the decorated bookcase. There are a few books, but mostly it serves as display for wonderful objects and artwork. The pair of black marble obelisks frame the architectural model adding height and interest. The model just wouldn’t look quite as good standing on its own.

When you wake up New Year’s Day take stock of a room that you might want to freshen up a bit. Then gather up some objects from around your home, and play with a design on a table top or mantel, until you’ve created something new and fun to look at, and add an obelisk if you have one! If you don’t, you need one!!
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