Fresh & Bright Obelisk Decorating

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Some might think that obelisks are classic, old fashioned, and out of date. Say not! Their shape is abstract and streamlined, and they can be very current and very modern. I thought I would pick a selection from Instagram and Pinterest to illustrate the point.

bill cook obelisks
Via Bill Cook on Instagram

This entry is all about neutrals with the interest added mostly by the objects. The console takes center stage and is decorated with a commanding white Buddha head which is enhanced by the brass obelisk at its side.

bill cook brass obelisks
Via Bill Cook on Instagram

This white interior is punctuated with golds via the gold framed mirror, the gold painted chair legs, the brass andirons, and the brass obelisks. Subtle but impactful decorating!

bill cook obelisks monochrome black
South Shore Decorating Blog

This monochrome decorating scheme features white walls and upholstery punctuated with black trim, black and white pillows, and sleek black marble obelisks. Its restrained and a comfortable modern.

greys and whites decorated with black obelisks
Spotools Interior Design Publishing

This design utilizes mostly whites and greys. It is soothing and very chic. The console table is topped with a very large black obelisk perfectly balanced with the lamp at the other end.

bill cook obelisks
Via @liperom on Instagram

This restrained, and almost austere interior is classic yet not. The white painted mantelpiece is topped with white marble obelisks that almost blend into the white walls. Very subtle but it works.

If you thought obelisks were of a former decorating era, you just might be wrong!
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