Designer Profile: Isabel Lopez-Quesada

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The fabulous Spanish designer, Isabel Lopez-Quesada, has a chic and comfortable style. She also uses obelisks frequently for their interest and classic ease.

color marble obelisk in neutral space
Madrid Home

In this hallway tableau, a wonderful pair of specimen marble obelisks add color and interest to this neutral space.

layered marble mutli color obelisk

The classic obelisk is often single- or two-colored marbles, but less often multi-colored. Specimen marble obelisks give you the opportunity to add color to a neutral scheme, as did Isabel Lopez-Quesada, or to grab the eye to the space you are looking to highlight.

giant colossal obelisk in shabby chic space
Segovia Country Home

The pictures of this home are really quite grand, so this shabby chic space is a bit of a surprise. The star of the room is clearly the colossal obelisk boldly mounted on a console table (as opposed to being placed on the floor). So much interest and unexpected details.

wooden obelisks
Madrid Town House

This room draws me in, and I can just imagine flopping down on this comfortable sofa. The room is decorated in warm shades of wood along the off-white walls with pops of color in the pillows and flower. The console table is topped with a classical architectural model and some stylized wood obelisks. Such a warm and inviting room.

obelisk in garden entrance way
Isabel Lopez-Quesada’s Instagram feed

This garden entrance is decorated like an interior room with a table topped with a lamp and two interesting obelisks. They are linked by their grey color while one has a contrasting detail on the plinth.

obelisk in Isabel Lopez-Quesada Madrid apartment
Madrid Apartment

This living room demonstrated a masterful balance of detail. The deep blue velvet chairs tie into the blue decorated design on the pair of console table. It is almost perfectly symmetrical except for some of the decoration on the table. On the console on the right there is a pair of obelisks beside the lamp and reflected in the mirror.

Of course, you will expect me to say that any space can be improved with obelisks, but Isabel Lopez-Quesada’s design demonstrate this advice!
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