Obelisks on Animals

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I love animals, so I love obelisks on animals! The decorative obelisks with animals take their inspiration from the originals in Italy.

animal obelisks in Rome
Minerva obelisk, Rome
animal obelisks in Florence
Piazza Santa Maria Novella, Florence

The fabulous Bernini elephant supports an Egyptian obelisk hidden in a plaza behind the Pantheon. Turtles are the animals of choice supporting the obelisk in front of the Church of Santa Maria Novella in Florence.

animal obelisks in Istanbul
Istanbul home via Pinterest

This is among my favorite images of an obelisk mounted on an animal. This fabulous brass turtle, an art object on its own, is mounted by a very chic rock crystal obelisk.

animal obelisks in Chateau de Groussay
Collections from the Chateau de Groussay via Pinterest

This collection of objects was part of a sale of the content of the Chateau de Groussay, sold in 1999. All sorts of wonderful architectural models were included as well as some fabulous obelisks. The striped marble obelisk sits atop a wonderful elephant!

animal obelisks art Nouveau
Art Nouveau tableau via Pinterest

This tableau of Art Nouveau objects also includes a rouge marble obelisk mounted on a brass obelisk. The obelisk adds height to the display, even if not Art Nouveau itself!

Italian white marble obelisk with turtles
Via Pinterest

Nestled among the white marble busts of Roman emperors is a wonderful Italian marble and alabaster obelisk with turtle mounts. The whole display is classic and chic!

Only obelisk with turtles

We have a few obelisks sitting on little turtles. These add interest and whimsy to the obelisks. I love them!

only obelisks favorite obelisks

My favorite is the antique specimen marble obelisk in the center. Its Italian and has the most wonderful shield inserts of various colored marbles. The black marble pair with the tan veining is a new acquisition, and so very interesting to look at. The Grey Salome marble in the back have balls as mounts rather than turtles, but they add to the vignette!

Look for obelisks with animals for added fun and interest in your obelisk collection!
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