Designer profile: Bill Cook/Vermillion Designs

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I discovered Bill Cook on Instagram, and now as a follower, I am struck by how many times I hit the heart button for his posts. He seems to have a penchant for obelisks too!

bill cook obelisks
Bill Cook Instagram

What a fabulous console table! This would be decoration enough, but no designer will leave the top undecorated. Bill Cook centers the tableaux with a Buddha head flanked by stacks of books, a bowl and a brass obelisk.

Bill Cook Alabaster obelisks
Bill Cook Instagram

The chinoiserie wallpaper serves as a rich backdrop for this design. A stately console is topped with a flower-filled Chinese vase along with various decorative objects and centered by an alabaster obelisk.

Bill Cook decorates with chic styles obelisks
Bill Cook Instagram

This console table is highly decorated and very chic. Bill Cook spares no space, filing the surface with an urn, a lamp, a large pot, vases, books, a sculpture, and of course a pair of obelisks. I love the zebra-print stools in the front too!

Bill Cook Brass obelisks
Bill Cook Instagram

In this exuberant yellow room Bill Cook mixes traditional with mid-century. The fireplace serves as a focal point with a striking star-burst mirror on the wall. The mantelpiece is decorated with various objects and a couple of brass obelisks anchoring one end.

Bill Cook mantle obelisks

In my own exuberant yellow living room, I have managed to include some wonderful obelisks from!
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