All about stripes – graphic obelisks!

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Obelisks draw the eye to them in any room they grace, but striped ones can really grab all the attention! A bold obelisk makes any tableau even better.

Striped Obelisks
Found on a Wonderful Palmetto Life on Tumblr

When you look at this fabulous grouping of obelisks on the console table under the mirror the striped ones stand out – particularly the black and white one. You can’t help but be drawn to the collection, making you want to walk over and look at each one!

Striped Obelisks by Richard Keith Langham
Interior design by Richard Keith Langham

This wonderful room includes a pair of multi-colored striped obelisks on the mantel. They anchor the decorations and the painting at the center.

Striped Obelisks by Ellie Cullman
Designer Ellie Cullman of Cullman & Kravis

The designer Ellie Cullman skillfully uses a pair of graphic black and cream marble obelisks to catch your attention, and draw you to the dramatic mirror over the fireplace. I love the way she has them sitting together as a counterbalance to the bouquet of flowers at the other end.

Striped Obelisks
We just recently acquired this fabulous vintage obelisk. It’s a wonderful size at 15 ¾ inches tall, and is a graphic cream and black marble.

Multi Color Striped Obelisks

This tall multi-colored specimen marble obelisk has a simple shape allowing the colored marbles to make the statement. This obelisk stands 23 ¼ inches tall and looks smart as a single decoration or as an overall decorative grouping. This obelisk will draw the eye to the tableaux making the observer want to look more closely.

Striped Obelisks Pair

There is nothing more graphic than black and white stripes! These marble obelisks look great together or as a pair. We can sell them either way. One of them sits at the corner of my desk at the moment, and I love looking at it! They are a nice size at 9 ½ inches tall. They have a modern shape, and would fit well in to a contemporary or more classic decorative scheme.

Like the Richard Keith Langham design in the first photo, build a collection of striped and solid obelisks for an impactful decorative tableau.
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