All I want for.... is an obelisk!

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Christmas is quickly approaching, and I can't think of a more inspired gift (even for yourself!) than an obelisk or two! Here are just a few ways that an obelisk can work in a home.

Via Pinterest - David Hicks

David Hicks often used obelisks in his decorating. Here is a brilliant tableau created with a pair of modern blue obelisks on a mantel, surrounded by a display of wall mounted decorative discs. The obelisks become part of the artful display, and the color enhances the whole creation!

Via Pinterest - Interiors Magazine 2012

Rock crystal obelisks are highly sought after by decorators. Here are two of different sizes forming a display on a beautiful console table. The whole look makes a fabulous entry to a home! 

Via Pinterest

I love obelisks on a coffee table. They add such a wonderful decorative element. We often don't spend enough time thinking about our coffee tables as a place to create a display. In this picture, the table is modern and graced with a sleek black pair of obelisks, which look great against the white sofa. 

So, no matter how many obelisks your gift recipient has, another one or two can find a place in their home - mantel, coffee table, console, book shelf, kitchen counter.... Let me think of all the ways!

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