Antique Pietra Dura Obelisks Make an Impact!

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How many times have you been to a museum or an antiques show and been mesmerized by an Italian pietra dura inlaid table. The intricate designs made all of marbles and semi-precious stones are amazing in their craftsmanship.

Obelisks also come with pietra dura inlay! They are lovely to look at closely to enjoy the geometric patterns, the floral designs, and the intriguing stones.

antique pietra dura obelisks

At we have a wonderful collection of antique pietra dura obelisks. We recently purchased the pair of Italian 19th century obelisks in the tableau above. They have beautiful floral designs inlaid in black marble. I could stare at them all day.

antique pietra dura obelisks
Tradchap on Instagram

I follow Tradchap (Jack Laver Brister) on Instagram, and he often features pictures from his own home. His mantelpiece includes a pair of antique pietra dura obelisks with a geometric pattern. They are a perfect addition to a tailored interior design!

inlay contemporary pietra dura obelisks
Atlanta Home Magazine (on Pinterest)

This is a more contemporary example of inlay, but very reminiscent of the classic Italian design. The white marble is inlaid with white marble discs making a striking statement.

antique pietra dura obelisks

We have built a collection of antique pietra dura obelisks in both geometric and floral designs, and some a combination of both! We have three singles and three pairs, so build you collection one or two at a time! They are such a wonderful design statement, and will make you want to explore the inlay over and over again.
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