Big and bold obelisks

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We mostly think of obelisks sitting on mantels, tables, and desks, but for those wanting to make a real statement with their obelisks, there are some colossal ones!

From Pinterest

Try these huge stone obelisks for a statement! I actually think it would all look better with a mirror or painting above the fireplace as well. That way the obelisks serve as a 'frame' that would highlight the art.

J. Randall Powers uses these mirrored obelisks on either side of the sofa as a bold statement.

The designer Michael S. Smith has this wonderful specimen marble obelisk in his own home. What a great way to decorate a corner.

This fabulous lapis obelisk with pietra dura flora and fauna decoration on the plinth, stands guard at the entrance of my den.

In this dining room, the designer, Timothy Corrigan, uses this pair of colossal obelisks to add drama to the rich decor of this room.
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