Big obelisks for a big statement!

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Obelisks come in many sizes and materials. Some obelisks are four feet and more.  These may not be for everyone, but they make a real statement in your design if you have the courage to make it!

 Designer: Timothy Corrigan

The tapestry in this dining room is flanked by two massive obelisks. They add a stately touch of architecture, and set off the tapestry in grand style.

Elle Decor - Designer: Michael S. Smith

The designer Michael S. Smith included this fabulous obelisk by Renzo Mongiardino (circa 1950 - 1960) made of specimen marbles. It's decorative, and adds architecture to the room as well. 

 Designer: Timothy Corrigan

The classic designer, Timothy Corrigan, uses a big obelisk to add even more interest to this living room. It draws your eye to the far corner, and adds interest in an otherwise empty space.

 Architectural Digest - Designer: Timothy Corrigan

In this bedroom, if you look beyond the bed towards  the open door you will see a tall obelisk, probably 4 - 5 feet tall. It's a terrific addition and serves as a piece of sculpture. 

If you are looking for a focal point in a room, or just some added architectural interest, a big obelisk may just do the trick. 

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