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This simple black obelisk anchors a collection of seashells on a plain black console table. The black serves as a good contrast to the orange in the shells and the curtains. This is a neat idea for gathering simple objects and grouping them around a single obelisk for more impact!

Simple Black Obelisk
From Pinterest

Another example of tall objects pulling together a decorative scheme are these simple black marble obelisks making a statement on this coffee table. Gather shorter objects that may get lost on a table in a large room, and draw the eye with a pair of tall obelisks.

Here are a couple of examples of light colored marble obelisks we have at Only Obelisks at the moment. Both are very handsome. The one’s on the left are 14 inches tall, while the pair on the right is 16 ½ inches tall. You might use either pair with other decorative objects to create a chic tableau!

So, start 2015 with a décor update, and add some obelisks!
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