Buddha among obelisks!

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I have always loved to have Buddha statues in my home. A Buddha is serene and obelisks serve as a wonderful frame no matter what style of Buddha.

decorating with budda and obelisks
Found on Pinterest

This wonderful Buddha sits on an entryway console table surrounded by a pair of Chinoiserie tole obelisks. It sends a calming message to those who enter the home. He is positioned on a decorative gilt table, and backed by a gilt frame mirror. It works perfectly!

modern budda grouped with obelisks
New England Home

With an altogether different feel, this display includes a modern Buddha grouped with several crystal obelisks, and flanked by the deep blue ceramic lamps. The color of the lamps sets off the white Buddha and the crystal obelisks, enhancing the whole tableau.

derbyshire blue john obelisks

This Buddha head gives me a great sense of peace when I look at it. It’s usually in my office flanked by a pair of obelisks. Here I grouped it with a pair of malachite obelisks and an antique malachite trimmed Giallo antico marble obelisk. Also included is a pair of Sienna marble obelisks along with a diminutive pair of antique Grand Tour obelisks. I could easily see this on a console table in an entryway greeting guests!

decorating with budda heads and obelisks

Add a Buddha to your décor, surround it with obelisks, and create serenity and chic in your home!
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