Classic design with obelisks!

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"A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy." - Juan Montoya

This sums up what classic decorating is all about. Forget minimal go with lots of detail!

derbyshire blue john obelisks
Found on Pinterest

Take this console table. It is chock full of wonderful classical objects and obelisks all in Derbyshire Blue John (Blue John is a semi-precious mineral, a form of fluorite with bands of a purple-blue or yellowish color.) It draws your eye to this part of the room, making you appreciate the painting even more. The tableau is created with varying heights and shapes, and of course the fabulous detail in the Blue John itself.

classic decorations with obelisks
The Fullerview

This library is a great example of classic decoration. The shelves have a mix of objects among the books, and even a painting hung right on the shelves. The coffee table in front of the comfy sofa is decorated with a simple green marble obelisk, and the side tables have full of framed photographs. I want to sit down with a good book!

classical inspiration obelisks in Versailles home
Home of Guillaume Feau Departures Magazine

This home of Guillaume Feau near Versailles has been designed and decorated using classical inspiration from the walls to the columns to the mantelpiece! We would expect this of the owner of the famous Feau et Cie, purveyors of classic French boiseries. The coffee table is decorated with a single inlaid marble obelisk, and very small pair. The console table on the far left also has an inlaid marble obelisk, adding height to the display.

mix and match obelisks

Using the rule that you can never have too many obelisks, here is a tableau of eight obelisks of varying heights and colors of marble. There is also a mix of antique and contemporary, and they all work together.

Mark Hampton obelisks
Mark Hampton

Mark Hampton obviously uses this rule. This wonderfully decorative gilt console table with marble top is full of objects and obelisks! The iconic decorators know best! Decorate with details and "never allow the eye to settle in one place"!
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