Collecting Obelisks

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Those of us who love obelisks often cant resist a new one! We can be enticed by a particularly interesting marble with fabulous veining, or beautiful malachite, or a rock crystal with mesmerizing occlusions.

We might be drawn to antiques, and look to build a collection of Grand Tour souvenirs, or Ashford marble from Derbyshire.

Whatever draws you to obelisks, you will find a lifelong passion for seeking out a new addition to your collection.

eclectic obelisks
Jordan Carlyle on Instagram

This grouping reflects an eclectic interest in obelisks. Each one is different, and yet they work well together striped, brass, brown marbles and black.

Eddie Ross obelisks
Eddie Ross on Instagram

I count at least ten obelisks on this dresser in the bedroom of Eddie Ross. He has collected several malachite, some crystal, and various marbles. All are different sizes and styles, and they make up a collection that is nice to wake up to in the morning!

Steven Chevalier obelisks
Pinned from Steven Chevalier on Pinterest

This board on Pinterest is the Grand Tour, and this picture is a fabulous collection of Grand Tour souvenirs including several obelisks. This makes a wonderful theme for collecting classical antiques that are so chic in any setting.

White stunning obelisks

This is a collection of white and cream marble that we assembled from our inventory. They are pure, simple, and so chic!

Timothy Corrigan obelisks
Timothy Corrigan

The designer, Timothy Corrigan, collects obelisks of many varieties, and uses them in his design frequently. I have seen obelisks of all styles, materials and sizes, and this picture is a wonderful sample. I see at least one Grand Tour souvenir, a pair of mirrored obelisks, and some very handsome striped, tall ones. Its a great example of how they can all go together!

Grouping obelisks like Timothy Corrigan gets you past the search for the perfect pair. You can buy the obelisk that you love, and add it to a group of other loved obelisks for a very chic display. How fun is that!

stiped grouped obelisks

In this grouping, I chose a very smart looking black and white veined marble obelisk, a simple Grand Tour antique, and snappy black and cream striped marble, along with a pair of cream marble. The display looks so planned, but it came together so easily!

Collecting is a wonderful excuse to wander in to antique shops, or scour on-line shops (like ours) for that next special piece. One of the wonderful things about obelisks is that they fit anywhere, and you can always find a place to add your next obsession!
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