Console tables look better with obelisks!

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Console tables rarely have a functional role in a room. They serve as an element of decoration, and thus call out for a fabulous tableau of objects! They can be spare or crowded with all sorts of decoration and flowers. The best tableau will have varying heights and shapes, and obelisks will always make the whole look better!

console table with fabulous tableau
Luxe Source

This is a wonderful example of a collection of objects on different themes. There is a grouping of semi-precious fragments on the left of the console with a wonderful statue placed in the center. The right is balanced with a couple of leather bound books topped with a horse’s head and then anchored with a black marble obelisk with white veining. All very chic!

humble console with faux tortoise obelisk

Here a rather humble white painted console table is decorated and with a number of faux tortoise objects that elevate its style to being very smart and an eye catcher!

gold console with elegant rock crystal obelisk
Lumar Interiors

This console may be at the opposite end of the spectrum from humble to pure bling! There is lots of gold and sparkle with a simple but elegant rock crystal obelisk as anchor. It balances the lamp at the other end, both giving height and acting as frame to the mirror.

contrasting wall with wild design console table
London home of Richard Adams

There is something absolutely wonderfully quirky about this ensemble. Atop the wild design of the console table sit a classical picture, a Thirties sculpted head, and a pair of smart obelisks – all beneath a circus painting! The use of wall color also serves as a warm and contrasting backdrop, making it all stand out. This is a favorite of mine.

red console table with collection of obelisks

I chose a Chinese red lacquered console table to arrange some obelisks from our collection. I started with the theme of the mid-century vase with its reds, whites, and yellows. The tall rock crystal provides height while the pair of vintage red porphyry and cream marble obelisks pick up the red. The cream marble on the ball feet has a lot of yellow in the marbling, while the small pair of black marble with the yellow-orange insets both picks up the theme and adds another height dimension.

I love the creative challenge of decorating a console table. It’s a purely decorative piece in a room, and should draw the eye to a bare wall or corner. In an entryway it sets a mood for your home since it is the first thing that guests will notice when they arrive. Use a mix of color, height, shapes, and textures for an interesting and chic console table tableau!
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