Crystal clear obelisks - minimalist and chic!

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I love obelisks, and so started a business selling them (Only Obelisks). A friend asked me early on 'Do I need an obelisk?' I had to stop for a minute because I suppose the answer depends on how you define 'need'. It certainly isn't a requirement for living, and it is a luxury to have decorative objects. So what is the answer? You only need a decorative obelisk if you want to enhance your decoration, and add beauty to your space!

Designer: Mary McDonald via Pinterest

The designer, Mary McDonald added a clear crystal obelisk to this writing desk turning a work space in to a place of enjoyment! It's quite a tall obelisk for the space, but the fact that it's clear diminishes it's overall impact.

Via Splendid Sass

Glass obelisks and a glass orb - chic!
Via Pinterest

This group of 4 crystal obelisks add shape and beauty, but take up little visual space. I love mixing sizes and styles as they have done here, while they keep with the theme of material.

Via Pinterest

Another example of a crystal obelisk grouping, with the contrasting addition of simple black marble obelisks. Minimalist and chic!
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