Decorating with Metal Obelisks

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Obelisks come in a wide range of materials – marbles, stones, crystals, porcelain, glass, and an array of metals, including brass and bronze. That’s one of things that makes collecting them fun! I think many metal obelisks can give a refined and masculine feel to the décor, and they work in conjunction with all types of other materials in your obelisk collection.

Coffee table metal obelisks
New England Home

This coffee table with its decorative metal base has a mixed ‘pair’ of brass obelisks that work well with the metal and leather chairs, and the window seat with its upholstered seat piled with soft pillows.

Wood and brass library obelisks
Found on Pinterest

This collection of obelisks includes wood and brass obelisks that lend a masculine feel to the library décor.

Decorator Lorenzo Castillo
Decorator Lorenzo Castillo

I love the work of the Spanish decorator, Lorenzo Castillo. He often uses obelisks in his designs, as he has on this library mantelpiece. These are marble obelisks sitting on brass plinths, and they are very smart!

Vintage brass neoclassical obelisks

At Only Obelisks we have this handsome vintage brass neoclassical style obelisk. It’s hollow inside, as is typical, and has a lovely patina. The obelisk sits on balls on top of the plinth. It’s 22 1/2 inches tall.

Vintage marble and brass obelisks

This tall and very smart pair of vintage specimen marble and brass obelisks look quite similar to the ones used by Lorenzo Castillo. The marble obelisks sit on handsome brass plinths. The specimen marbles have interesting shades of ocher browns, and are stacked in three sections. Each stand 31 1/2 inches tall.

Heavy brass with decorative shields

This is a very decorative pair of vintage brass neoclassical style obelisks with handsome decorative shields on the base and obelisks on all four sides. These are substantial and heavy brass obelisks (19 lbs each), and are 22 1/4 inches tall.

Classical metal with faux wood design

This classical style metal obelisk has a faux wood design. The obelisk is supported on four balls on a stepped plinth. On one side there is subtle decorative pattern in the metal consisting of six ovals and one rectangle. It’s 23 ˝ inches tall.

Elle Decor metal obelisk collection
Elle Decor

Include a metal obelisk or two in your décor and obelisk collection for a refined and smart edge!
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