Decorating with Obelisks in Mixed Materials

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Obelisks are often made of mixed materials, but I especially look for the ones that have designs that use two contrasting materials to enhance a dominant color. This can include trims, geometric inlays, and other specimen marble designs.

Timothy Corrigan
Designer: Timothy Corrigan - Architectural Digest

One way to add a contrasting material is to place it at horizontally along the top and bottom of the plinth. The style above using black marble as the main material is enhanced by the contrast of white marble, making it stands out in the tableau.

Alexa Hampton obelisk
Designer: Alexa Hampton

Designer Alexa Hampton employs a pair of obelisks on this wonderful desk design that use contrasting brown and cream marbles to wonderful effect.

Obelisk in Palmetto
Via Pinterest – A Wonderful Palmetto Life

The vertical trim on these obelisks adds an even more graphic design element. The black makes the cream marble stand out.

Hermes Bros Obelisk
Elle Décor

In the Hermes brothers Bordeaux home a pair of 18th-century obelisks stand ta the entrance to the dining room. They use a white marble trim to offset the green marble. Gorgeous!

Hermes Bros ObeliskAntique grand tour obelisk

These are two great examples of the style that uses trim to enhance the main marble color.

The green and white marble obelisk looks a lot like the ones used by the Hermes brothers, but not nearly as big! - only 19 1.4 inches and perfect for a bookshelf, mantel or table.

The antique Grand Tour 'giallo antico' (ancient yellow) marble obelisk is outlined with malachite. The malachite works so well with the beautiful warm yellow marble. 15.75 inches tall.

Sienna Marble obeliskRich Red Marble Obelisk

This pair of vintage sienna marble obelisks have a classic black marble trim at the top and base of the plinth. Each stand 14 1/4 inches tall, and have a warmth as well as a graphic look that is both modern and classic at the same time.

The rich red marble obelisks with black marble banding are also a neoclassical style. 16 3/4 inches tall. Red and black make such a chic color combination, and will pop anywhere they are placed!

Look for two marble colors, one enhancing the other, for a mixed classic and modern style!
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