Decorating with obelisks on Pinterest

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This last month has produced some wonderful obelisk finds on Pinterest!

For one, I ran across the decor of Ann Pyne of McMillen Interior Design. I love her style - fresh classic. She often uses elements I like including screens, and, of course, obelisks.

This is a beautiful example of her work. I love the rich red color of the walls which sets off the Chinese screens. The room is well balanced, and Pyne uses a pair of obelisks, one on each table on either side of the sofa.  

In a sea of blue and white porcelain, the dining table is graced with a pair of blue and white obelisks, tying it together.

This warm room decorated by the late Geoffrey Bennison has a number of the elements of a classic English room. The brown marble obelisks on the coffee table in the foreground surround a Chinese plate and create a wonderful tableau.

One of my favorite decorators is Jean Louis Deniot. He often uses obelisks in his designs, and this brass pair add shine and elegance to this console table with classical decorations. I love brass obelisks for their handsome brightness!

This pair from Only Obelisks would serve that role well! 

I love this French provincial style room in a home in Schilde, Belgium, with an eclectic mix of objects on the table ranging from an antique house model to the marble obelisk which adds height to the tableau. 

I'll continue to keep my eye out on Pinterest and elsewhere for interesting and fun decorative schemes with obelisks!

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