Decorating with obelisks

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Decorative obelisks are so simple, but add SO much chic to your decor instantly. They are architectural, and can be made of materials that add even more interest.

Veranda - Designer: Miles Redd

One obelisk, or even better a pair, just set down on a table, or placed on a mantle immediately dress it up. They work in traditional decor, and are very modern at the same time. The materials can make the difference. Think of a rock crystal column in a cool white space, or an elaborately mounted marble in a more traditional setting. 

Rock crystal is among the most sought after by decorators! They are so modern and fit in any decor.

On the right, this pair of 19th century Northern European faux porphyry marble and painted marble obelisks are a more traditional choice.

This pair of French gilt brass mounted cut glass obelisks caught my eye for their modern design.

These French marble obelisks are a bit chunkier in design, but I like the simplicity of a single material, which in this case is a very interesting brown marble.

This single obelisk is late19th century gilt bronze mounted specimen marble obelisk. It's 16" tall and has very smart decorative detail on the base, and would dress up any shelf, table or mantel.

On this dining able designed by Suzanne Kasler, the addition of a pair of clear crystal obelisks makes for instant chic decoration. Invest in a few obelisks and move them around your home to give whatever space they are in the perfect updated look.
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