Decorative Obelisks on Decorative Mounts

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I love it when an obelisk sits on decorative mounts, especially turtles and balls. They add interest and contrast, making the obelisk that much more chic!

Coffee table metal obelisks
Giorgio Armani's home

This handsome and colossal obelisk in the home of Giorgio Armani has decorative balls which support the obelisk portion to the plinth. It enhances the design, and draws the eye.

Wood and brass library obelisks
Found on Pinterest

This smart collection of obelisks includes a pair that have black ball feet supporting the warm brown wood of the obelisks. It adds contrast and I think makes them the most interesting obelisks in the group!

Decorator Lorenzo Castillo
Habitually Chic blog

This room has such guts! The use of the rustic daybed is wonderful, and then a huge obelisk on top of a console is a bold design move that works! This obelisk has decorative balls between the obelisk and the plinth, and makes the base with the shield inset stand out.

Vintage brass neoclassical obelisks

This very attractive and interesting antique Italian specimen marble obelisk has shield insets of various marbles and shapes along all four sides of the obelisk which has a cream base. The fun part is that it sits on four brass turtles! The obelisk is attached with a center rod which is indicative of age. 21 1/2 inches tall.

Vintage marble and brass obelisks

This handsome pair of vintage cream marble obelisks have attractive ochre veining, and obelisks sits on black marble balls for added interest and contrast. 16 1/2 inches tall.

Heavy brass with decorative shields

This obelisk has a number of wonderful decorative elements! The cream marble has the patina of age, and sits on four bronze turtles. There are classical bronze garlands on two sides of the plinth, and a fun swan finial at the top. It is quite tall at 25 3/8 inches. It has a near pair as well.

Classical metal with faux wood design

We recently sold this obelisk but I wanted to include it because I love it so much. This is a vintage sienna marble obelisk with lots of interest in the marble veining. It sits on bronze turtle supports, and stands 17.5 inches tall.

Elle Decor metal obelisk collection

Subtle decorative elements can make the obelisk! Look for the contrasting ball supports or the fun turtles to make a marble, wood, or metal obelisk more interesting!
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