Decorator Focus: Scott Snyder

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I only recently came across the designer Scott Snyder via my Pinterest feed. He is clearly a designer who loves obelisks!

Scott Snyder obelisks decorating

Snyder is known for classical elegance, and this vignette represents his style wonderfully. The console table is balanced with a lamp on one side and a striking tall rock crystal obelisk on the other. The modern art above adds a twist to the mix that I love.

colossal mirrored obelisks

This entry is not quite my style, but I love the use of the colossal mirrored obelisks! They are a bold statement at the entrance to the next space.

brass obelisks

In this living room, a pair of brass obelisks balance the mantelpiece, and frame the painting at the center – a classic way to use obelisks in any home!

obelisks with geometric inserts

Obelisks make great decoration anywhere, and especially on a coffee table. They add interest, and don’t take up a lot of room! Here Snyder includes an interesting specimen marble obelisk with geometric inserts. It’s the kind of obelisk that draws your attention, and makes you want to look at it more closely.

rock crytal obelisks

Rock crystal obelisks are one of the chicest options for your décor. They fit in to any style and enhance it! The fabulous, deep occlusions refract the light, and look different as the day goes on, or as you adjust the lighting. Always a good choice!

lapi lazuli obelisks

These lapis lazuli beauties are a whopping 3 feet 9 inches tall! They would be quite a statement at the entrance to a room. They have beautiful pietra dura inlay of birds and flowers on all four sides of the bases.

speciman marbled obelisks

These specimen marble obelisks are all so interesting and graphic. They would be great on a coffee table as Scott Snyder has done, or just about anywhere!

scott snyder obelisk decorating

I now have a new designer to follow who loves obelisks – Scott Snyder! He uses obelisks to great effect at the entrance to a room, on a mantelpiece, on a coffee table, or to set off a display on a console table - all wonderfully chic!

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