Decorators who seem to love obelisks: Miles Redd

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As I look for ideas for this blog and my Auction Decorating blog, I am often attracted to the decorating of Miles Redd. It's luxurious, a little unexpected, and uses color in wonderful ways. He also uses obelisks in unexpected ways. 

In this photo, Miles Redd uses an extra large obelisk on one side of the mantel. It's a bold move! Much bigger than most you see on a mantel. Set against an orange wall, it really pops.

Via Veranda Magazine

Here he uses a pair of large cream obelisks flanking the off-white tableau of objects on this console table against the back drop of a fabulous green painted wall. Beautiful blue upholstered chairs flank the console adding another dash of color. Great contrast!

Scale and color are such important components of any decorating scheme. Think of an out sized obelisk where you might have thought of a smaller one, for a bit of the unexpected.
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