Designer Focus: Alexa Hampton

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Alexa Hampton has a great designing pedigree! As the daughter of Mark Hampton and lead designer for Mark Hampton by Alexa Hampton, she holds an influential place in the design world. Both Mark before and Alexa now seem to appreciate the place of obelisks in designing a chic space!

pair of speciman marble obelisks
Alexa Hampton

This wonderful room scene features a pair of specimen marble obelisks on either end of a console table with other classical objects, furniture and wall art surrounding.

alexa hampton simple black marble obelisks
Alexa Hampton

In another classical chic design, Alexa Hampton tops a handsome bookcase with a Roman helmet with a pair of simple black marble obelisks anchoring the design.

alexa hampton decorating cream black obelisks
Alexa Hampton

This living room has a wonderfully carved wooden fireplace surround; decorated with a pair of cream and black marble obelisks. The obelisks serve as a frame to the modern art above, and are flanked by a pair of smart decorative mirrors. I love her use of wall color as well!

antique ashford marble obelisks

This demilune table has a pair of antique Ashford marble obelisks with lovely floral inlays. They always draw comments from guests!

anitque italian pietra dura obelisksanitque italian pietra dura obelisks

These are both wonderful examples of antique Italian pietra dura obelisks similar to the pair in the Alexa Hampton design first photo above. They each have the geometric inlays, while the one on the right has a floral inlay on the plinth, which I love.

antique obelisks in living room
Alexa Hampton

This living room displays three wonderful pairs of antique obelisks. I am particularly enamored of the malachite pair at the base flanking the fireplace!

antique grand tour obelisks
Alexa Hampton

This lovely tableau from the Kips Bay Showhouse features an antique Grand Tour obelisk, which looks to include hieroglyphics. Very smart indeed!

alexa hampton obelisks on mantle
Alexa Hampton

A final example of Alexa Hampton’s design work includes another two pietra dura obelisks anchoring one side of the mantel. They are so interesting and will attract close inspection and comments from your guests!
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