Dreamy Creamy Obelisks

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Whether your décor is modern, traditional or an eclectic mix, a cream or white marble obelisk will add to your look. They can be a solid colored marble, or even more interesting will be marble with veining that is ever so subtle. They make you want to take a closer look!

Jessie Short

I love how this bookshelf is designed! The green paint is the perfect backdrop for blue and white china, the drawing, and a cream obelisk with wonderful striped veining. The obelisk is of a simple design, so it’s all about the detail in the marble itself!

Lancashire home of Dr. John Martin Robinson

The display on and above this mantelpiece is classic, chic, and perfect. The cream marble obelisks are in a neoclassical design, and work as the frame for the but at the center of the display. They add an element of height and a contrasting color to the other shades of brown in the drawings and sculptures.

Elle Décor

This tableau is a fabulous mix of objects in creamy colors. The obelisks have the added interest of black marble insets in the white marble giving them a graphic quality. The combination of tall and short objects is a wonderful and skillful mix.

Jean-Louis Deniot

Jean-Louis Deniot is one of my favorite designers. Everything he does is so chic, French and modern. Here is uses a grouping of three marble obelisks in a very simple modern style of varying heights and materials. Their impact is in the subtlety of the marbles and the veining in each.


White marble goes for maximum impact! The marble is often Carrara from Italy, and the story is in the subtlety. In this small example from our shop at Only Obelisks the smaller one’s in front are from Italy and are very close to pure white. The single obelisk on the left has a wonderful black marble accent on the top and base of the plinth setting off the white marble with very pale veins. The pair on the right is set off by the gilt balls at the base of the obelisk, and was sourced from the Estate of a prominent Texan.


In contrast to the Carrara white, are the myriad shades of cream obelisks. These can be Italian Sienna marble, or perhaps an alabaster. They all have wonderful veining detail. Cream obelisks will fit anywhere in your home, and serve to frame other decorations, or enhance a collection of other obelisks. They are a perfect addition to your collections.

Designer Jorge Elias

Somehow obelisks make your home grander and more stylish! They are so simple, yet so impactful.
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