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We went on a wonderful house tour with Barbara Eberlein in Philadelphia. She is a decorator of high end homes, and she took us to see several that she restored and decorated. The tour was under the auspices of the Royal Oak Foundation which is the American affiliate of the national Trust of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Naturally, her work includes obelisks!

In the top photo here are a pair of dressers along the windowed wall. The tableau includes pairs of lamps, mirrors, and striped marble obelisks. It creates balance and harmony in the room.

In Barbara's own Delancey Place townhouse the living room includes a grouping of glass and crystal obelisks of various shapes and sizes on a dresser to the left. This photo is on her website, but she has moved thing around since. I took the photo of the same grouping which now sit on a piano in a rearranged living room. Obviously obelisks are always the right decorative element!
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