For chic console display, add an obelisk!

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Obelisks are the perfect pieces to add to as table vignette. It might be an entryway, or a table against the wall in a living or dining room. Add a pair of obelisks, and a few other mementos, and perhaps a lamp, and you've created a wonderful work of art!

 Elle Decor - Designer: Aline Chastel

In this contemporary Paris living room, the owner, Aline Chastel, used a vintage oak chest as the base for her tableau. She added a mixed set of obelisks, a large rock (!), and a pitcher with a large leaf against a great mirror to make a great focal point for the room. It just take a little creative courage to put that all together, and have it look so great. 

 Designer: Robert Couturier

This is a great way to fill in a blank corner in a room. The unused space is turned in to something with lots of interest. Robert Couturier used a big mirror and a decorative mirrored obelisk on a simple console table to make a big statement in an otherwise empty space.

Canadian House & Home - Designer: Luce Gayrard

The rock crystal obelisks on this lovely gilt console table are paired with lamps to make up the vignette. The mirror behind reflect the look back into the room, and adds depth. Add something low in between, and you have created a great look.

 Designer: Robert Couturier

For more ideas using rock crystal obelisks, this tableau design by Robert Couturier uses four! There are two tall obelisks, and two shorter ones below. I love the asymmetry of this grouping of objects on an ornate console table. There is a lot of contrast between the black bulky bust, and then the translucent obelisks. The balance is created by the pictures on the wall behind. Masterful!

 Designer: Alexa Hampton

Alexa Hampton inherited her father's excellent taste! This lovely, comfortable living room looks back to a console table filling an alcove. The table is topped with a pair of obelisks placed on the left side, balancing flowers on the right.

Obelisks are a natural for a console table. Think of balancing the display with a pair obelisks on  either side of the table, or place them on one side and balance them with another decorative element on the other. I like this latter option because it's a bit less traditional.

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