Go with Green – Malachite and Marble Obelisks!

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Green is my absolute favorite design color, and what better way to add some to your dé cor than with green obelisks. Malachite is the best for its richness and depth of color, and also more of an investment. Green marble comes in all types of shades with varying levels of detail in the veining.

green marble obelisks
Found on Pinterest

Here we have a riot of malachite! The desktop illustrates the wonderful swirls and shades of green that you find in malachite. The obelisks almost disappear, which is a bit of a shame. They can stand out so beautifully when well placed in a design.

mary McDonlad decorates with green malachite
Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald is a master decorator. The accents in this room are all green – pottery, vases, lamps, and malachite obelisks. She groups three matching obelisks as decoration on a round table. They stand out wonderfully! What could be nicer than sitting reading a book, and glancing up at rich, detailed malachite obelisks.

Green marble obelisks neoclassical style
Found on Pinterest

Here again we have a grouping of green objects that work so very well together. The obelisks are made of green marble in a neoclassical style. They have interesting veining, and draw your eye to the center of the table and right up to the art on the wall.

Green obelisks on bar cart
Found on Pinterest

I love a bar cart. They are festive and fun, and fill an empty corner so well! These green marble obelisks work perfectly with the brass-framed cart, and stand out against the black and white wallpaper.

Green obelisks from Only Obelisks

This selection from Only Obelisks illustrates how varied ‘green’ can be! The malachite at the center are the most vibrant and have such interest. No wonder they are so sought after. The green marbles can range from an olive to a deep forest green. They all have interesting veining, and one has fossil-like details. All would stand out in a design scheme, and add a wonderful pop of color.

Green marble obelisks on console table
Found on Pinterest

This grouping of green marble obelisks display handsomely on the console table with gold leaf decoration. I love that they chose two pairs, and a single obelisk of different heights and shades of green marble. They work perfectly together.

Green is a wonderful starting point for a collection! Find some green vases and pottery, and add a few green malachite and marble obelisks for a chic and dramatic tableau!
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