Green with Envy - Malachite Obelisks!

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Green is my favorite color for just about anything, and that includes obelisks! Obelisks come in different green materials, but malachite is at the top of my list. Malachite is a green that pops, and the detail in the stone can mesmerize.

Mrs Blandings uses obelisks to decorate
Mrs. Blanding’s (blog) via Pinterest

This certainly is an example of too much malachite is never enough! I love the green on green, and the wonderful detail in the stone. This décor is topped off with a malachite-patterned pillow!

green malachite obelisks take center stage in decorating
Mary McDonald - Veranda magazine

The designer Mary McDonald often uses malachite obelisks. Seems that they are a favorite. In this room she has three obelisks taking center stage, and adds green vases, a green ceramic lamp, and even a chandelier chain cover in green fabric.

obelisks malachite bold decorating
The Iconic Blog via Pinterest

The stand out pieces in this mostly neutral room are the malachite obelisks. They add a necessary pop of color that ties in with the vases and greenery on the mantelpiece.

Rich red room decorated with obelisks
Parisian apartment of Robert Zellinger de Balkany

The apartment of Robert Zellinger de Balkany was full of malachite and these included wonderful obelisks. Sotheby’s sold these at auction after his death. I love the green in this red damask room. The colors enhance one another!

Obelisks for sale by

For the purist we have a beautiful pair of vintage malachite obelisks. The color is vibrant and the veining is distinctive. The plinth is faced with rectangular shields (15 1/4 inches tall). For the connoisseur we have a very striking and unusual pair of antique Italian Grand Tour green malachite inset and black stone obelisks on triple stepped base. The form is slender and tapering. These are impressive and highly decorative.

Mary McDonald decorated with obelisks
Designer Mary McDonald

Malachite obelisks will make any space more special, and the color will add vibrancy to the room. Have fun collecting green obelisks!
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