Holidays with Obelisks

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I cant think of a present I would rather get than an obelisk! A single beautiful obelisk, a handsome pair, or maybe two that are mismatched but go together any or all would be just fine!

festive holiday table with obelisks
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What could be nicer than a festive table set with an obelisk!

mantel decorated with obelisks

A mantel always cries out to be decorated, and obelisks naturally fit there to further frame a painting or mirror, and to add height among other decorative objects.

obelisks on stylish radiator

Here a stylish radiator cover serves as a place to display, and what better anchors to the other object than some really interesting obelisks.

bookshelf with obelisks

A bookshelf has become a place for the books I plan to read, and a place to display treasures! Among the special pieces on this shelf are a pair of antique Italian pietra dura inlaid obelisks. They are small and go anywhere! Ive also recently added a handsome vintage brass obelisk. It has wonderful patina, and the real weight of brass.

only obelisks mantel with obelisks

As you might expect, our mantel is topped with obelisks. I have the luxury of changing them periodically!

only obelisks malachite obelisks

My favorites at the moment are these fabulous malachite obelisks. They have stature and make a statement.

If perhaps you are at a loss for a very special gift, you will make a big hit with obelisks!
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