Inspiration from obelisks - Tres chic!

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My eye is attuned to obelisks naturally! I feel like I see them in more places, and they always look chic.

This latest set of pictures is mostly assembled from Pinterest. I hope you enjoy.

Robert Couturier via a thoughful eye

In this Paris apartment a stone obelisk is made interesting by all the detail in the stone itself. It sits on a mantel against a wonderful periwinkle painted wall.

Studio Peregalli 

The classic Italian decorating firm, Studio Peregalli, does sumptuous interiors. These antique specimen marble obelisks look the part sitting on an antique table near damask covered chairs in this Venetian house.

Kit Kemp

I love everything Kit Kemp does. She is a master of color and a wonderful mixer of high and low objects to create interest. She and her husband own and operate Firmdale Hotels, all of which she decorates. This is their Charlotte Street Hotel in London with funky white stone/marble and brass obelisks on the mantel.

Architectural Digest

In the New Orleans home of adman Peter Rogers, he has created a warm and masculine bedroom with lots of wood and classic touches. The two obelisks of different heights and materials are joined on a console table under a mirror along with a yellow lion! Fun. 

Keep an eye out and you will see obelisks in the chicest of places!
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