Inspired by David Hicks style

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David Hicks was an icon of 1960's and 1970's decorating. His style continues to influence today.

 Designer: David Hicks

The graphic carpet and the dark lacquered walls make a dramatic space, and are signatures of David Hicks style. He often used obelisks as decorative elements, and here are two of sleek modern design on the mantel. They anchor the bold modern painting in the center.

Designer: David Hicks

Here is another graphic carpet and colorful modern paintings. Of course, there are a pair of obelisks in the foreground on the table as well as on the mantel.

Designer: Greg Jagmin

The Chicago designer Greg Jagmin used a David Hicks Hexagon wallpaper to give this room a the mid-century aesthetic. He tops a Saarinen table with a pair of crystal obelisks to complete the look. 

 Designer Muriel Brandolini

This room designed by Muriel Brandolini looks very inspired by David Hicks' aesthetic - the dark lacquered walls, and the wonderful graphic carpet are stand outs! She, f course, puts her own distictive stamp on the design, but I think David Hicks would approve.

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