London loves obelisks!

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We were in London, and wandered down Kings Road to visit antiques and decorative objects shops we like. It seemed that obelisks were everywhere!

These fabulous Russian 20th century obelisks were in Guenevere Antiques. They are fluorspar veneer with gilt bronze decoration.

I love the cute paws at the base of the obelisk, and the decoration on the plinth. Very smart looking.

This console display at Guinevere includes a pair of Italian Grand Tour alabaster obelisks. These are 19th century. They have wonderful patina, and the sign of wear one would expect in a well loved antique. These are classics that work anywhere. 

Up the Kings Road at the corner of Lots Road is a group of dealers in a building called the Furniture Cave. There were these whimsical shell decorated obelisks that look a lot like the ones made in to lamps in the previous blog entry. They were flanked by a pair of smaller marble obelisks that were quite the contrast in their simplicity. 

At Guinevere they also had this pair of Italian Grand Tour marmo rosso obelisks, circa 1850. Quite classic, and chic anywhere!

A dealer in the Furniture Cave had a pair of specimen marble obelisks. The marble decoration was on one side of each, with the rest being black. These are 20th century, and had a nice slender presence.

Clearly London loves obelisks!
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