Mirrored obelisks

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Mirrored obelisks come in many sizes, and the mirrored surface is usually (if not always) etched with a decorative pattern. I think of mirrored obelisks as just a little bit feminine. That said, as I started the search for photos for this blog entry, I have to say that my opinion may be changing just a bit. Like most things, it probably depends on the context.

Via Pinterest

These colossal obelisks 'guard' an entry, and are quite stately. They are flanked in a very balanced scheme by chairs, and console tables topped with mirrors. The long hallway wall is thus filled up with an elegant decorative scheme, that is not too heavy in decorative appearance. The mirror give the obelisks a lighter presence.

Home of Trevor Pickett - House & Garden UK

This cozy house in Suffolk, England has many of the decorative elements I would expect in an English country house. The mantel top is anchored by a pair of 'sturdy' looking mirrored obelisks that have smoky glass as opposed to etching. They are not in the least 'girly', and work well in the cozy room. 

Designer: Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald knows how to create chic designs that are often quite opulent. This etched, mirrored obelisk on a dressing table, paired with a mirrored box, creates quite a feminine tableau. It has an appealing lightness of touch, and is beautifully decorative. 

From Chinoiserie Chic Blog

This pair of etched mirrored obelisks are quite similar to the one's above in Mary McDonald's scheme. They do have one additional design element with a platform for the obelisks. This pictures also looks like it might be a dressing table, and therefore sends a feminine message. 

Mirrored obelisks by their very nature have a lightness in the decorative scheme. They also usually have quite pretty etching that adds interest and keeps them from being too stark. They can be quite feminine when added to a dressing table. But a colossal pair can serve as a sentry to an entryway, and a smoked glass pair of study shaped design, can be quite suited to a masculine room.
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