Mixing up your obelisk collection!

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We often think of obelisks in pairs, but there is something to be said for a collection made of different sizes, materials, and styles for real interest. They are fun to collect as well, and by liberating yourself from pairs, you can be imaginative in creating your groupings.

Designer Robert Couturier

This classic tableau includes a grouping of crystal obelisks in different shapes and sizes. One way to build a grouping of mixed objects is to collect them in all the same material as Couturier did here with the rock crystal.

Designer Timothy Corrigan - Architectural Digest

Timothy Corrigan often uses obelisks in his designs. He must have such fun collecting them. In the top photo he fills a console table with all kinds of obelisks and sets them dramatically against a large mirror so you couldn't possibly miss them when in the room. Of course, the tallest one is a  black and white stripe demanding attention!

The next two photos illustrate another grouping of marble obelisks of different colors and sizes. They are set on a circular table in the center of the room with other classical objects making a wonderful visual anchor for the room.

Designer Oliver M. Furth

This collection of obelisks starts with a pair made of warm wood, and adds another tall wood obelisk along with two made of stone. They have varying proportions and plinths, and seem to work together like they were made for each other.

You can't go wrong just buying what you love, and they will somehow all work together to create a chic decorative focal point in the room.

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