Obelisk accents

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Decorative accents draw your eye to spaces adding depth to a room. They also complement the decorative scheme, whether it's a color scheme, or a style scheme. Obelisks are part of this plan, and can enhance the overall decorative plan by adding color, and always more style!

Via Pinterest - Miles Redd - House Beautiful

Miles Redd creates such sophisticated spaces. I love everything about this room, from the grass cloth wall covering to the mix of pattern and color. Somehow this end table looks even better with a malachite obelisk contrasting with the blue upholstered sofa, and blue patterned chair. 

Elle Decor - Decorators Kelli Wilde and Laurent Champeau

This entryway is sleek and modern. The stark white walls serve as a backdrop for the black and browns of the door, painting and console table. The black and white striped modern obelisks add to the look on the console, and pop under the hanging work of art. Your eye is drawn around the room, and the scheme sends a message of sophistication.

Via Splendid Sass - David Hicks

David Hicks created classic and often quirky decorative schemes. They have lasted decades after they were done, and decorators still emulate his style. This tableau mixes objects of size, style and origin. The contemporary mask on the back right is balanced by a tall granite obelisk on the left. Smaller objects sit between the two. Designs like this are best built over time as you acquire objects that mean something to you. You will never go wrong with an obelisk!

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