Obelisk Decorating Inspiration for Spring

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The days are getting longer (even if the weather doesn’t always cooperate in March), and I am looking around my house for something fresh. I move around the furniture perhaps; change the artwork around; maybe paint a room a new color. And, I might think of adding a new obelisk!

enormous white obelisks
Holly Phillips @The English Room

One can’t miss this enormous obelisk, which stands out against the dark green wall coloring. It’s regal, and makes a chic statement!

obelisks among books Tim Corrigan
Dining Room of Timothy Corrigan

The designer, Timothy Corrigan, is a known lover of obelisks. This dining table is piled high with books and other objects, and a couple of obelisks. One looks to be a Grand Tour obelisk in Rosso Antico, and the other looks like a white marble with a black stepped base.

We have similar obelisks available at Only Obelisks.

collection of obelisks from Only Obeliskscollection of obelisks from Only Obelisks
Only Obelisks.com

Ashley Darryl obelisk decorating
Ashley Darryl

I love the fresh green walls in this room designed by Ashley Darryl. It makes me smile just to look at it, but, of course, I admit that green is my favorite decorating color! The console table is backed by a wonderful mirror, and topped with two pairs of obelisks. I like the contrast of the brass with the mirrored obelisks.

striking black obelisks
Nuevo Estilo

Obelisks are an ancient form, and they work well with other classical artworks. In this room the modern round table is topped with a classical bust, and a striking black obelisks. The whole room has a nice mix of modern and antique, which is my favorite design aesthetic.

At OnlyObelisks.com we like to keep our approach fresh, and are excited to add a specially commissioned pieces. We found a wonderful Italian maker and designed three pairs.

guatemalan green marble obelisksguatemalan pink obelisks
Guatemalan Green Marble & Pink Marble

grey salome marble obelisks
Grey Salome Marble

We designed these three pairs all with black marble balls and plinth accents. If you like these, or have ideas for other combinations of marbles you would like to see, we’d love to hear from you!
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