Obelisk Decorating The More the Merrier!

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We think of decorating with obelisks usually in pairs. They anchor a mantelpiece or sit at either end of a console table. But why limit yourself?! Satisfy your obelisk obsession with a grouping of obelisks of different materials, sizes, ages, and styles.

Bureau of Obelisks
Found on Instagram

This bureau is full of obelisks of all sorts mixed in with other decorative objects. Spot the malachite obelisks sitting on top of balls on their plinth. Added are some simple glass and crystal obelisks. There is a pair in simple black marble design, and a couple of cream marble as well.

Eddie Lee - Domino Bookshelf Obelisks
NYC apartment of designer Eddie Lee Domino

This wonderful bookshelf in the New York apartment of the designer Eddie Lee is chock full of style. He has arranged booked of brightly colored bindings, and a shelf full of classical objects. There are at least nine obelisks in the tableau, ranging from cream to shades of brown marble.

Timothy Corrigan Collection of Obelisks
Collection of designer Timothy Corrigan One Kings Lane Blog

The designer Timothy Corrigan is a lover of obelisks. He often includes in the home he designs for clients, but always in his own homes. This photo demonstrates his love of obelisk collecting perfectly!

Only Obelisks in-stock Obelisks

Here is an example from our Only Obelisks stock. Some of these will be added to the site soon, and others are already in the store. This group includes a chic rock crystal obelisk, and very smart black and white veined marble, a Grand Tour obelisk with hieroglyphics, a reddish marble on my favorite turtle mounts, and two good looking pairs of mixed marble designs. Choose what you like, and somehow you can be sure that they will all work together. Or you can pick a theme, like Grand Tour, or rock crystal, or obelisks with turtle mounts! Have fun!

Example Collection of Obelisks
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