Designer focus: Jean-Louis Deniot

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I love the designs of the French decorator Jean-Louis Deniot. The rooms are chic and welcoming, with hints of Art Deco, and always impressive. He uses cool neutrals of black, cream and grey, and, of course, obelisks to create fabulous tableaux!

Jean-Louis Denoit Marble Obelisks
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This room is striking! The colors in the abstract painting over the fireplace are echoed in the three modern marble obelisks on the coffee table.

Jean-Louis Deniot black-white obelisks

Here, this brass-trimmed cabinet is topped with two obelisks in striking contrasts of black and white, and height!

Jean-Louis Deniot 18th century obelisks

The cool taupe walls provide the perfect backdrop for 18th Century paintings, and a perfecting balanced console table below with a pair of brass obelisks sitting at the center.

Jean-Louis Deniot brass obelisks

I love this whole design – the striking abstract painting of circles, placed off-center over the bold console, with the decorative objects in black and a pair of brass obelisks providing a neutral shine!

Jean-Louis Deniot style from Only Obelisks

I put together a grouping that I think Deniot would like! The cream and black of the alabasters and marbles would provide a striking display on it’s own or with other art.

These examples of Jean-Louis Deniot's work demonstrate a love of obelisks, and an eclectic taste for mixing styles! He doesn't limit himself to classical marble pairs. He uses brass and marble; mixed heights and styles, and colors that enhances the room décor!
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