Obelisk simplicity

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Obelisks can be made of many materials. The simplest and most modern is probably made of glass or rock crystal. The absence of color allows the shape to speak for itself.

House Beautiful - Designers David DeMattei and Patrick Wade 

These designers place a clear glass or crystal obelisk on the coffee table to add decorative interest. It contrasts with the classical urn it sits besides. Both are set off by the dark color of the table that ties in nicely with the fun zebra fabric on the stool nearby.

I went to the Kips Bay Decorator 2011 Showhouse in New York where I took this picture. The designer Jeff Lincoln used a pair of rock crystal obelisks flanking a rough rock crystal to wonderful effect on this mantel.  The absence of color in all the objects on the mantel allows the fireplace surround to stand out.

I generally like color, but love the way an object that is absent of color makes the thing around it stand out.
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