Obelisks Among Classics

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Obelisks among Classics

We know that obelisks are the classics! Starting with the Egyptians they are the very embodiment of what we consider classic, and the Romans fell in love bring back many examples from Egypt. The Grand Tour tourist treasured them as souvenirs, and put them in place of honor in their décor when they returned. Decorators still include obelisks among other classical decorations.

obelisks in classic office space
Found on Tumblr

In this wonderful office there is a fabulously displayed collection of classical objects in the cabinet. The desk is decorated with a classical column, a small bust, and, of course, a Grand Tour obelisk. What a wonderful place to work, except all the interesting objects might distract me!

obelisks simple but classic black
Phoebus Interiors

These simple black obelisks look very comfortable among the Grecian bust and the hand fragment (in the foreground). The Piranesi prints on the wall add to the classic but modern effect.

obelisks in chic 5th ave apartment
Lorenzo Castillo

This chic 5th Avenue apartment includes a wonderful grouping of obelisks on the demi-lune table which sit perfectly below the classical framed profiles. Lorenzo Castillo often uses obelisks, and this apartment shows us why!

obelisks classical italian home
Home of Gianni Versace

Villa Fontanelle, the Italian home of Gianni Versace reflected his love of classical design. The room looks like it could have been in Pompeii, and, of course, includes some elaborate obelisks!

If you are looking for a some classical chic in your design, include a few obelisks for immediate credibility!
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