Obelisks Among Sculpture!

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Often when creating a classical tableau, the designer places obelisks in the mix for added effect. They fit so well since they are narrow and taller than most of the objects creating a look of varying shapes and heights.

obelisks among classical heads
From Belgian Pearls blog

Here obelisks of different heights and colors, from black to dark green, rest among classical heads on the top of a wonderful console table. They add a sort of skyline to the tableau.

obelisk collection grouped with Chinese sculpture
A collection from Only Obelisks

A console table under some paintings is the perfect place to create a tableau of sculpture and obelisks. Here is a grouping of Chinese sculpture, five obelisks on a Georgian demilune, sitting under French wedding portraits.

modern painting with classic obelisk
Found on ElleDecor.com

One of my favorite compositions a modern painting with classic objects below. I love the cream marble obelisks with black marble insets flanking a classical bust! The obelisks are classic but have a wonderful graphic quality that make them modern at the same time.

bold statue with balanced obelisks
Nuevo Estilo

The full-length statue commands the room, demanding equally bold objects around it. The collection of obelisks on the far table create balance, and pull the eye which otherwise might stop at the sculpture. I love the collection of obelisks in different materials, including the one made of stone with the ball at the top. Not as interesting on its own as it is in a group!

obelisks with classical objects
Found on Pinterest

What a wonderful collection of obelisks crowded in with other classical objects! This is in the atelier of painter, writer, historian and art expert Bruno Caruso in Rome.

Jean-Louis Denoit obelisks
Jean-Louis Deniot

One of my favorite designers, Jean-Louis Deniot, often uses obelisks, and here they provide color and height to the design on the table. He is a master of chic monochrome and grey design!

Only Obelisks Collection

If you needed an excuse to collect some obelisks, think what they can do to enhance a sculptural piece to create a true design!
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